Microsoft Announces Two New Keyboard/Mouse Bundles



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I will be willing to look at this when it's on display at the stores but ever since the much loved Logitech wireless split keyboard went away, all I've seen are useless wave keyboards that still leave me bending my wrists or stabbing my sides with my own elbows in order to type. So, even though this one 'looks' like it has some odd little spacing in the middle, I'll keep my excitement under control and my money in my wallet till I can try this thing out for myself.



If you want a more ergo keyboard buy a $1.99 swimming noodle...cut a piece about 24" long and then slice it in one place along the length so you can open it and slide it over the edge of you desk/table in front of your keyboard. Now adjust the 2 little legs on your keyboard for the right height and wala you have a very comfortable wrist rest and with the 6' noodle you can make another 2 or 3 for others...



Man what a gimmick I find these ergo keyboards don't have very good keys they are too slick maybe I'm wrong with these I didn't try them personally.



youve got your pricing backwards on the keyboards