Microsoft to Address 22 Vulnerabilities This Patch Tuesday



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That patch just BRICKED my brothers system.

I did the update first and it hung at the pulsing logo. It went for quite a bit til I grew concerned that it might overheat some components(due to my MoBo having Opt 1 and Opt 3 overheat issues) so I force powered it down, waited and and rebooted the system.

I chose "Start Normally" and didn't allow Windows to detect the problem...

It started to hang but the problem corrected itself.

My brother was not so lucky.

I had a total of 9 updates. He had 11. The 10th one was Outlook which I'm thinking is the issue. But that's speculation on my part and relaying what I got in real time.

Whatever you do, disable Auto Update feature and let Microsoft iron this out. Cause my brother had his get into the autodetect feature and it found nothing, and could not connect to the Web(duh he's on wireless, oy) and only gave him the Finish option and promptly powers down. Effectively turning his thousand dollar system into a glorified paper weight until he figures it out or until he strangles their developers and ends up on death row.

I'm doin my bit and lettin the community know so maybe this can be as painless as possible for all concerned.