Microsoft Wants to Use CAPTCHAs to Serve Ads

Pulkit Chandna

Microsoft wants to pioneer a new form of online advertising by using human interactive proofs, popularly known as CAPTCHAs, to deliver ads . The idea was revealed in a patent application that Microsoft had filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office way back in February 2008.

According to the patent application , made public on August 13, the Redmond-based goliath intends to replace ordinary CAPTCHAs with images, slogans, musical jingles, or other information related to a particular product. In order to gain access to content on the other side of the sponsored CAPTCHA, the user will have to type in the name of the featured product or other related text.

“Unlike so much web-based advertising that accompanies popular web portals such as search and news sites that users can easily ignore, here the user must actively engage in reading and understanding the content in the advertisement in the HIP (human interactive proof) challenge in order to identify the solution to the challenge," the patent filing reads.

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