Microsoft Wants to Observe iPad Users at Close Quarters


Microsoft User Research wants to observe iPad users at close quarters. The company recently sent an open invite to iPad users on Facebook , requesting them to volunteer “for an upcoming study” to be conducted at its Redmond campus between July 16 and July 21.

“This study will be two hours long and will take place on the Microsoft Redmond campus with a number of dates and times between Friday, July 16th and Wednesday, July 21,” read the now-deleted Facebook event's description. “In appreciation for your time, each participant will be offered a Microsoft gratuity item. If you are interested, please respond to the questions below to with the subject line “iPad.”

The Facebook event surfaced just a day after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced plans to launch tablets and smartphones in the next few months. But why did the company delete the Facebook event?  One explanation  is that it does not want to come across as being awestruck by the iPad.

Image Credit: TechCrunch

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