Microsoft Wants Kinect-enabled TVs, Claims Report

Pulkit Chandna

A couple of days back, Microsoft announced plans for new Kinect hardware specially tailored for PCs, something we faithfully reported to you that very same day. But the motion sensing camera, which holds a world record for being the fastest selling consumer electronics item in history, is now rumored to be headed to “next-generation television sets” as well.

This latest rumor comes from the tablet-native news outlet The Daily and is based on input provided by unnamed “sources familiar with the whole subject.” So according to The Daily’s sources, Microsoft is trying to convince TV manufacturers to integrate its Kinect technology in their TV sets.

In fact, these sources went as far as claiming that Redmond-based software giant is close to striking a licensing deal for its Kinect technology with manufacturers like Vizio and Sony. It’s not too difficult to imagine how Kinect’s motion- and voice-recognition wizardry could completely change the whole TV viewing experience, but we request you to take this with a grain of salt.

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