Microsoft Unboxes the Xbox One Game Console

Paul Lilly

Take a peek at what comes with the Xbox One

Give Microsoft credit for recovering from its early bumbles related to its upcoming Xbox One console . In the beginning, Microsoft ticked off quite a few gamers by letting it be known that consoles would need to dial up the mothership every 24 hours, and the whole used games fiasco was a disaster in and of itself. A few policy changes later, Microsoft is back on track winning favor among gamers, and it's pretty cool that the company is offering up things like today's unboxing video.

Microsoft's Major Nelson gives users a first look at the contents of the Day One Edition of the Xbox One, and in the process confirmed that it will come with a mono headset. Originally Microsoft was planning to nix the headset to encourage users to interact with the bundled Kinect sensor, but wisely chose to throw gamers a bone.

You also get a closer look at the console itself, including its various ports, as well as the Day One Edition controller and its 40 design improvements, including a redesigned D-pad for accuracy.

Without further ado, here you go:

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