Microsoft Trims $100 Off Surface Pro Following Surface RT Reduction

Paul Lilly

Now starting at $799

Along with every other hardware player, Microsoft is hoping to see a boost in sales from the back-to-school shopping frenzy that's about to get underway. Unlike everyone else, however, Microsoft is sitting on a mountain of unsold Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets, which to this point have only generated $853 million in revenue. This led to Microsoft taking a $900 million charge on unsold inventory followed by a round of price cuts, first with Surface RT and now with Surface Pro.

Microsoft just slashed $100 off the price of Surface Pro , which now starts at $799 instead of $899. Surface Pro features an Intel x86 Core i5 processor and the full version of Windows 8, though it remains to be seen if a C-note reduction will be enough to convince PC shoppers to hop on board.

The price cut follows a $150 reduction to Surface RT just a few weeks ago. Unlike Surface Pro, the ARM-based Surface RT comes with Office Home and Student 2013 RT for free, giving users some additional value along with a lower cost of entry. On the flip side, Surface RT is also limited by a gimped version of Windows 8 that's unable to run legacy x86 applications.

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