Microsoft Tries to Beat Apple on the Retail Front with New Stores

Paul Lilly

As promised earlier this year , Microsoft plans to roll out several Microsoft-branded retail store fronts, but up until now, Microsoft wasn't saying where or when. Keven Turner, Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer, answered both of those questions during his Worldwide Partner Conference keynote on July 15.

According to Turner, the first store will open this fall and take residence right next to an Apple store. How's that for a new neighbor?

"As we progress on our retail strategy there will be scenarios where we have stores in proximity to Apple," Microsoft said a statement to CNet . "We are on track to open stores in the Fall timeframe. Beyond that we have no additional details."

Location aside, Turner insists Microsoft wouldn't be imitating Apple, which goes in line with Microsoft previously saying the stores would focus more on building the company's consumer brand than with distribution.

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