Microsoft to Pull WP7 Twitter Image Viewer Due to Graphic Content

Ryan Whitwam

We're all familiar with stories about Apple pulling an app from its App Store for suspect reasons. Even Google has gotten in on the fun as of late, but now its Microsoft's turn . An app called Imagewind is in imminent danger of being pulled from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. The developer was originally told the app was being pulled immediately, but has now been given a grace period of indeterminate length.

Imagewind is a spiffy little app that pulls random images from the Twitter stream and spreads them out on a virtual table top for users to sift through. The issue, according to Microsoft, is that images of an adult nature could find their way into the app. As such, it has to go.

The app has been in the Marketplace since early March, so the timing is a little inconvenient for the developer. If you're a Windows Phone 7 user, you might want to grab this app if you have any interest in it. Do you think Microsoft is justified in the removal?

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