Microsoft to Host Sponsored Themes for Windows 7

Maximum PC Staff

Why not? With Microsoft pushing ads in games , why not just make them a feature of the operating system itself. While not official, it looks like Microsoft is readying to make corporate sponsored themes available in Windows 7 .

It’s not a big deal, when you think about it. First, because the ad-based themes won’t be foisted upon the unwilling. Like with any themes users can pick-and-choose what they want. And, let’s be honest, there’s a propensity for some to associate with a brand, and what better way than to clutter a desktop with a corporate logo or product. We do it now. The only difference here is the way it’s being channeled.

Microsoft is currently running it’s “Windows Theme Experience” and “Windows Personalization Gallery” as pilot projects , which it plans to continue through October, 2010. Current participants include Twentieth Century Fox, Infiniti, Coca Cola, and Porsche. The curious will find all the test themes in the Personalization Gallery .

Image Credit: Microsoft

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