Microsoft to End Cheap Windows 7 Deal in Europe

Pulkit Chandna

As the upgrade version of Windows 7 is unavailable in Europe, Microsoft is offering the full version for the price one expects to pay for the upgrade version. The price at which the full version is currently available in Europe has had everyone wondering how long it will last. Last week, an Amazon spokesperson told to “treat this pricing as indefinite.” But when it comes to Windows 7 pricing, what Amazon says is of very little import compared to official word from Microsoft.

Microsoft blogger Brandon LeBlanc today made some key announcements concerning Windows 7 versions and pricing for Europe. According to his post on the Windows Team Blog , an upgrade version of Windows 7 will finally be available in Europe beginning September 1. The availability of an upgrade version in Europe will have a bearing on the price of the full version, with the latter’s price to be hiked when the upgrade version arrives . Till then, however, European consumers can continue to make the most of current Windows 7 pricing.

Microsoft has also announced that the Windows 7 Family Pack will also be available in eight European countries – apart from US and Canada- for a limited span of time. The eight European countries to have been promised a family pack option are UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden.

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