Microsoft to Beat Apple to the Tablet-announcing Punch

Pulkit Chandna

Just when you thought that you had seen the last of the iPhone killers another one popped out from nowhere. But the threshold of banality has been reached and, thankfully, people's tolerance of prospective iPhone killers is now close to nil – the Nexus One being the only exception. The stage is now all set for a breathtaking tablet or two to take the limelight away from all other gadgets.

According to the venerable New York Times, Microsoft will try and conquer the vacant stage with a tablet of its own at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, effectively beating Apple to the tablet-announcing punch.

Its sources revealed that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will unveil a slate-type computer during his keynote this evening . Hewlett-Packard is said to be the other company behind the tablet, which may hit the market as early as mid-year. The report was short on details and only described the tablet/slate as having “e-reader and multitouch functions.”

Few months ago, Gizmodo had leaked some details of a tablet prototype, named Courier, that Microsoft was said to be working on. This rumored tablet could well be based on that prototype.

Image Credit: Gizmodo

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