Microsoft Takes its Fight to the Apple Store

Justin Kerr

Die hard Apple fans love to defend their platform , and that’s okay, it’s actually good to know they are capable of emotion. But is this really what passes for a news story? The popular web tabloid ran a news feature on Friday criticizing Microsoft’s decision to place a Vista campaign booth outside an Apple store in Birmingham England.  The booth was apparently set up to record I’m a PC videos for possible use in upcoming marketing efforts. Some of the clips gathered are slated for use in TV commercials while others will be used for web promotions. In addition to gathering video clips, Microsoft staffers are on hand to convert potential Mac customers back into the fold. The booths are the continuation of the Vista ad campaign which started with Bill Gates and Jerry Sienfeld , and more recently matured into the “I’m a PC” initiative.

So are Mac users whining again?

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(Image Credit AppleInsider)

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