Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Firmware Fix Delayed Even Further

Brittany Vincent

No release date in sight for firmware fix

Earlier this month, Microsoft took a flawed Surface Pro 2 firmware update down after issues were found that drained tablet battery life and affects users' ability to utilize sleep mode. After making the update unavailable, Microsoft informed users that it would be re-relasing the firmware update "after the holidays."

Much to the dismay of Surface Pro 2 users everywhe, Microsoft went back on this statement earlier this week. In an email to Computerworld , a representative clarified their positiion: "We are working to release an alternative update package as soon as possible." The representative did not give a specific date, and there have been no updates since then as to when users can expect the fix to become available. Meanwhile, Surface Pro 2 users are becoming extremely frustrated with the wait -- and as of yet, there's still no date in sight for the update.

Are you one of the affected users waiting for the fix?

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