Microsoft Stumbles After Galaxy Nexus Smokes Windows Phone In Staged Challenge

Brad Chacos

Microsoft unveiled the " Smoked By Windows Phone " campaign at CES; basically, if your non-Windows Phone could perform a certain task faster than a Windows Phone, Microsoft would give you $100. The company upped the ante recently, offering users at Microsoft stores a $1,000 laptop if they managed to smoke a Windows Phone. Well, one blogger managed to smoke a Windows Phone with a Galaxy Nexus, only to be disqualified after the fact by rules employees created on the spot.

Sahas Katta of the SkatterTech blog was tasked with displaying weather from two different cities faster than the employee, whose Windows Phone already had weather-sporting Live tiles pinned to her home screen. Katta, however, had previously disabled the lock screen on his Nexus and pinned two weather widgets to his home screen out of pure luck (or so he claims); after a countdown, all he had to do was press the power button and scream "Done" while the Microsoft employee was still swiping away her lock screen.

After the smoking, the Microsoft employee and her manager said Katta actually lost "just because," then said the weather information had to be from cities in two different states -- a technicality that the duo apparently made up on the spot. To make matters even worse, they then asked Katta to pose in front of a “My Android was smoked by Windows Phone” sign before leaving.

Katta penned a blog post about the ordeal , which took off and prompted Microsoft evangelist Ben Rudolph to offer Katta a rematch on a random challenge . Fortunately, Rudolph went even further after some bad press around the blogosphere; this morning, he tweeted that he had a free laptop, Windows Phone and an apology waiting for Katta if Katta sends him an email.

(By the way, I'm not trying to bash Microsoft this morning; just reporting on the news, folks.)

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