Microsoft Stops Ranking Its Employees

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Reward curve and rating system scrapped

Things are looking up for current Microsoft employees and prospective hires. The Seattle tech giant is doing away with its stack ranking policy, according to an internal memo forwarded to The Verge . Employees will no longer be categorized as top, average, or poor performers.

The problem with stack ranking is that some employees have to be given poor reviews to fit the system even if their performance was average or better. This has allegedly led to competition between individual employees.

In the memo, Microsoft HR Head Lisa Brummel details the changes to the company’s “performance review program,” which amounts to an increased focus on teamwork and collaboration as well as an “emphasis on employee growth and development.” This is the company's push towards becoming "One Microsoft." Brummel also highlights the removal of their reward curve and rating system in favor of a new policy which lets company managers and leaders reward employees as they see fit.

Here's the full memo as published by The Verge :

What do you think about the changes? Could this be the start of a new Microsoft? Tell us in the comments.

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