Microsoft Still Paying People to Use LIVE Search


That’s right, you didn’t misread the headline – Microsoft is looking to pay you to use their search engine ( again ). Not with real money mind you, but points that can be redeemed for prizes (read: Chuck E. Cheese).

The program, called SearchPerks , will give users of Microsoft’s LIVE Search a point each time they search, with the possibility of accumulating 25 per day. However, users will only be able to collect these points once they’ve agreed to download and install a small program that allows Microsoft to track their usage.

In the past, Microsoft hasn’t been successful in getting new users for their search engine, currently only holding 8.3 percent of the search engine market. With the Live Search Club , Microsoft saw an initial boost in their search engine usage of nearly 3 percent, but the results failed to hold. The success of the search engine appears to be directly tied with the incentive programs that Microsoft offers.

If you’re looking to get in on the point-spending goodness, be sure to sign up soon. Microsoft is only allowing people to sign up until the end of the year, or until they get their target of 250,000 participants.

I bet you never thought all those searches for Lindsay Lohan would one day be profitable, did you?

Image Credit: Microsoft

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