Microsoft Spices Up Wireless Mobile 4000 Mice with Six New Designs

Paul Lilly

Still looking for a rodent that reflects your sense of style? Perhaps you'd be better served with a nostalgic shirt from, but if you really must make a fashion statement with your mouse, Microsoft might be able to oblige.

The Redmond software giant who also dabbles in hardware has added six new patterns to its Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 series. These rodents sport Microsoft's BlueTrack technology and come with a plug-and-go-nano transreceiver, as well as a rated 10-month battery life, but it's the graphics that are the real draw.

Patterns range from pink frilly patterns to a blue and black mouse with bug-eyed skulls on top. View the whole collection here , and then hit the jump and tell us what you think about the designs.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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