Microsoft SkyDrive Is Officially No Longer Terrible

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft always seemed a little embarrassed by SkyDrive , its online file storage and sharing tool. It was shoved off in the corner, not integrated with other products where it might be useful. Then today Redmond dropped a huge HTML5-centric update on us that makes SkyDrive more than usable. It’s actually kind of good.

The first thing that users will notice is that SkyDrive now behaves much more like a local file manager. There are right-click options that actually support file operations like delete and copy. There is finally support for dragging and dropping files into the browser to upload them. Better yet, SkyDrive is still usable while content is uploading. Microsoft has also added easier sharing with Office Web Apps.

Microsoft has really just taken a service that no one used and made it a compelling option for storing files. We tested it with Chrome on Windows and it worked perfectly. Anyone with a Live or Hotmail account can get access to 25GB of cloud storage for free. Not a bad deal.

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