Microsoft Signs Another Android Patent Deal

Pulkit Chandna

The just released official Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson sheds light on the recently deceased Apple founder’s intense aversion for Android, which he detested for being a “stolen product.” He hated Android so much that he was even willing to “spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion” to bring about its destruction. However, that didn’t quite pan out during Jobs’ lifetime. But now Microsoft must be hoping that it never does - at least not until Windows Phone 7 is a major force in the mobile market.

This is for the simple fact that Microsoft is making a killing from its Android licensing program which, according to the Redmond-based company, has reached a new milestone with its latest patent license agreement. The software giant on Sunday announced a patent license agreement with leading Taiwan-based ODM Compal, making it its ninth such agreement in four months and its tenth overall.

“More important, today’s announcement means that companies accounting for more than half of all Android devices have now entered into patent license agreements with Microsoft,” the company proudly boasted in a blog post Sunday.

“Amidst continuing clamor about uncertainty and litigation relating to smartphone patents, we're putting in place a series of agreements that are reasonable and fair to both sides. Our agreements ensure respect and reasonable compensation for Microsoft's inventions and patent portfolio.”

The company also published this chart comparing Apple’s litigiousness with its own patent policy of lucrative restraint: “ You can see this licensing progress in the chart above, showing recent lawsuits and licenses. While lawsuits may dominate many of the headlines, these are being overtaken by the number of license agreements being signed. At this point, the fast pace of licensing is reshaping the legal landscape for smartphone patents.”

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