Microsoft Shutting Down MSN TV Service

Brittany Vincent

Long-running set-top service sunsetting on September 30th

MSN TV, formerly known as WebTV, the infamous "hassle-free" means of accessing the internet via television, is finally biting the dust. As of September 30th, Microsoft will be ending the service, as revealed via emails to subscribers and FAQ located on the official site .

The interactive TV service that rose to prominence in the '90s was a pioneer in its day, bringing Internet access to those without PCs and offering an alternate method for less tech-savvy users to enjoy online content. You might remember it being considered a commercial disappointment. You may also remember it made our list of 15 Technology Failures .

Despite the MSN TV's pitfalls, it was considerably forward-thinking for the time, despite Microsoft's increasingly Xbox-centric marketing focus. Microsoft attempted to bolster attempts at getting the service to catch on, renaming and rebranding the device and later releasing MSN TV 2, with a faster processor and additional features.

Microsoft cited "many new ways to access the Internet" as one of the integral reasons to shut down the service as they work with customers to make the transition a seamless one.

Source: Variety

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