Microsoft Serves Up Windows 7 Touch Pack for Free

Paul Lilly

Of interest to anyone with a touchscreen display, Microsoft this week announced the release of its Touch Pack for Windows 7. Prior to the public release, the Touch Pack was only available for OEMs, but is now up for grabs for anyone.

The Touch Pack is a 240MB download and includes a few apps to help show off what Windows 7 can do with touch gestures as well as get users acquainted with how it all works. The freebie software is divided into three casual games and three Microsoft Surface apps, all of which have been created for Windows 7.

No surprise here, the software requires a Windows 7 PC or a multitouch monitor that support Windows Touch in Windows 7. Could something like this give upcoming Windows 7-based tablets -- like HP's Slate -- a leg up on the competition?


Image Credit: Microsoft

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