Microsoft Scraps Courier Tablet Project

Pulkit Chandna

Microsoft is said to have scrapped its promising Courier project, which first met the public eye in September last year, when beleaguered tech blog Gizmodo broke the news of its existence. The tablet concept prompted many aspiring tablet owners, especially those looking past the iPad, to pin their hopes on its launch.

There was never any official word regarding the possibility of a commercial launch, however, a recently published New York Times report did have the dual-screen tablet shipping by the beginning of next year. But it has now emerged that Microsoft has chosen to bid adieu to the Courier at the end of the incubation period itself.

Frank Shaw, Microsoft's VP of corporate communications, told Gizmodo that, while some of its constituent technologies might be present in future Microsoft products, the company has “no plans to build such a device at this time.”

Image Credit: Gizmodo

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