Microsoft Running Google Apps "Switcher" Ad Campaign

Ryan Whitwam

A few years back Apple had success with a series of 'switcher" ads where people told their stories about switching to the (supposedly) problem free land of Macintosh. Now Microsoft is trying the same maneuver with businesses and Google Apps. The thing is, they're actually having some success.

The Google Apps online service is a competitor to Microsoft's own Office products. Microsoft's gameplan is to attract companies to their Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), then highlight all these companies in order to attract more. A long time Google Apps customer, Serena Software, was one of the first to make the switch thanks to a sweetheart deal from Microsoft.

Several other big Google customers, like Capgemini and China Navigation have been enticed to join the dark side. Microsoft says companies are willing to make the switch because BPOS offers more advanced features, like Group Policy Management. Even if Microsoft can lure away some Apps customers, we think Google will soldier on.

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