Microsoft Rolls Out Windows Phone Update, Freaks Customers Out with Policy Change

Paul Lilly

Microsoft has begun rolling out a Windows Phone update intended to stomp out myriad bugs and glitches associated with the mobile OS platform, and that should be received as a good thing. So why are so many Windows Phone users freaking out and suddenly worrying about fragmentation similar to what exists on Android? It has to do with a change in Microsoft's transparency policy.

Here's the bit that Microsoft general manager Eric Hautala wrote in a blog post that incited panic and rage among Windows Phones customers:

In the months ahead, we’ll continue to send out firmware and maintenance updates as needed. These will be available across the globe—although not everybody will receive or require them. It depends on your country, carrier, and phone model. But remember that you’ll never have to guess when a Windows Phone update is waiting: Just watch for the pop up notification on your device.

There are also a few changes on the way for the blog and website. As we continue our growth, we won’t be individually detailing country, model, and carrier details on the Where’s My Phone Update? site any longer. And instead of my weekly blog posts, the official Windows Phone website will be the primary place for news and information about our updates, just as Microsoft Answers is there for your support questions .

Windows Phone customers aren't taking the news well, but according to Microsoft, it's because they misunderstand what Hautala is trying to communicate.

"Nothing has changed in regard to how we work with carriers to deliver Windows Phone updates to our customers," Greg Sullivan, Senior Product Manage on Windows Phone, told ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley on the phone.

The real reason Microsoft is scrapping its "Where's My Windows Phone Update" table is because there are too many phones to keep track of. Besides, the update table was only intended to restore customer trust following the whole "NoDo" Windows Phone update fiasco .

As for the latest update (version 7.10.8107.79), you can read about the changes (and keep up with future updates) on Microsoft's official Windows Phone website .

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