Microsoft Rolls Out New Mouse and Keyboard Products for Windows 8

Paul Lilly

Microsoft is already starting to milk what it hopes is a Windows 8 cash cow before the operating system comes home to pasture. In case anyone has forgotten, Microsoft is also in the business of selling hardware accessories, something it's been doing for the past three decades, and it continues today with the introduction of new mice and keyboards , all of which "work beautifully with Windows 8," the company claims.

There are five new products in all, including two keyboards and three mice. Starting with the keyboards, Microsoft introduced the Wedge Mobile Keyboard, which is an ultraslim plank designed specifically for Windows 8 tablet users. It has Windows hotkeys and built-in media keys, and connects via Bluetooth. Microsoft set the MSRP at $80. The other plank is the Sculpt Mobile Keyboard, which is a full-sized accessory with Microsoft's Comfort Curve design and Bluetooth connectivity. It will retail for $50.

Switching gears to rodents, Microsoft introduced an ultra compact Wedge Touch Mouse ($70) for tablet users, Sculpt Touch Mouse ($50) with "smooth and easy navigation" in Windows 8, and Touch Mouse ($80) with updated gesture settings for Windows 8.

All five accessories will be available soon, Microsoft says.

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