Microsoft Reveals Windows Server 2012 Prices

Paul Lilly

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system is receiving the lion's share of attention lately, but lest anyone forget, the Redmond outfit also builds server software, both for the home consumer and business clients. Windows Server 2012 is geared towards the latter, and according to Microsoft, one of the benefits is a "dramatically simplified licensing experience" with just three versions to choose from, plus an edition for OEM vendors.

Here's how it breaks down:

  • Datacenter: Processor + CAL licensing model, $4,809
  • Standard: Processor + CAL licensing model, $882
  • Essentials: Server licensing model (25 user account limit), $425
  • Foundation: Server licensing model (25 user account limit), OEM only (price not disclosed)

Choosing an appropriate edition comes down to the size of an organization and requirements for virtualization and cloud computing. For example, the Datacenter edition offers unlimited virtual instances, the Standard edition allows two virtual editions, and both the Essentials and Foundation editions ship with no virtual rights.

More details can be found on Microsoft's Server and Cloud Platform website .

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