Microsoft Reveals Windows Phone 7 Stats

Paul Lilly

If you're wondering how Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform is doing, wonder no more. The numbers, as provided by the Redmond software giant, are in, and there's plenty to digest. For starters, Microsoft claims its Windows Phone Developer Tools have been downloaded over 1.5 million times, which is about the size of the entire population of Philadelphia, the software company points out.

Microsoft also says there are now 36,000 developers hard at work creating apps for the WP7 platform. But wait, didn't Microsoft also just say that it's toolset has been download a million a half times?

"People are talking a lot about the number of developers in their ecosystem. It would be easy for us to say that we had 1.5 million given the developer tools downloaded, or we could talk about the number of people we have on mailing lists, but we won’t," Microsoft explains . "We’d rather give a nod to the 36,000 members of the AppHub community who have voted with their wallets and become members of the Windows Phone developer community."

There are now 11,500 apps on the WP7 platform, 7,500 of which are paid apps. Some 1,100 apps generate developer revenue using the Microsoft Advertising Ad Control, and there are 12 new apps being added to the platform every month.

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