Microsoft Revamps Bing for the Modern Era, Makes Search Smarter and Faster

Paul Lilly

Building a better Bing

Microsoft spent a considerable amount of time and effort re-imagining Windows into what you see today with Windows 8, but at the same time, the company hasn't forgotten about search. Bing is getting a makeover inside and out, and not a one-and-done type of deal, either. Instead, Microsoft is building the backend of Bing in such a way that it can dynamically evolve with the web and the way people search.

To start with, Bing has a new logo . It sounds like a simple enough change, though Microsoft claims it conducted hundreds of studies looking at motion, font, color, size, and form. In the end, it settled on a new logo that's "simple, real, and direct."

Looking beyond the logo, Microsoft set out to modernize Bing's interface, making it faster, cleaner, and more visually appealing. It also boasts improved predictive search as part of a feature it's calling "Page Zero." What this does is show you popular search results as you're typing in your query. Start typing "Katy Perry," for instance, and you'll see search options for her songs, music videos, her appearance on Sesame Street, and so forth.

Going a level deeper, Bing will help you narrow down search results through "intelligent disambiguation." Let's say you search for Jon Stewart. You might be looking up information about his talk show on Comedy Central, or you could be investigating the host himself. When you type in his name, you're given the option of choosing which of the two you're more interested in, right from within the search box.

There's plenty more to digest, which you can read about in Microsoft's blog post on the topic, or take a test drive of the revamped Bing search engine.

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