Microsoft Responds to Chrome Malware Confusion, Apologizes

Ryan Whitwam

Earlier today we told you that Microsoft Security Essentials was being accused of killing Chrome, and now we have the details. Turns out Redmond totally messed up on this one. Security Essentials was indeed removing or blocking Chrome on many users’ PCs. After scrambling for most of the day, Microsoft has a fix available.

Users of Security Essentials should manually update the software, which will change the signatures that were identifying Chrome as the ZeuS trojan. After that is done, everything should reinstall fine. Microsoft says that about 3000 users were affected to their knowledge, but many users likely didn’t kick up a fuss.

We certainly understand that the damage was minimal, but there are a lot of unhappy Chrome users out there today. It’s inevitable that some people will half-jokingly claim that Redmond did it on purpose, but we’re betting it was incompetence plain and simple.

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