Microsoft Research's Project Gustav is MS Paint on Steroids

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft Paint has come standard on Windows PCs for a good long while now. While we have a soft spot for Paint, it hasn’t really changed with the technology. Now Microsoft research is working on an application that could be this generation’s Microsoft Paint. It’s called Project Gustav, and it actually looks pretty impressive .

Gustav is meant to mimic real paint in a way that the (apparently poorly named) MS Paint, never has. The application plays nice with Wacom tablets for a more realistic painting experience. Different colors don’t just flow together in Gustav, they blend to create new colors just like real paint. The angle and speed of brushstrokes also create authentic looking ridges and swirls. It’s not that we are art experts here, but Project Gustav just looks like fun. There’s even multitouch support if you fancy some finger painting. There’s a video preview here , if you want to see the possible future of art on Windows.

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