Microsoft Research Patent Makes Air Guitar a Reality

Justin Kerr

Ever since Star Trek first introduced the concept of a voice controlled computer, people have been fascinated with the idea of inventing alternate input methods for everyday devices . Some of these involve mapping brain waves, but in a somewhat more down to earth approach, Microsoft is hoping to patent EMG muscle sensors that might finally pave the way for gesture based computing.

Microsoft Research, along with the Universities of Washington and Toronto have come up with a way of mapping muscle movements to simulate user inputs in a variety of different applications and all without the use of a single camera. The video demonstration which you can check out below showcases a jogger using his fingers to switch the tracks on his iPod, and even rocking out with an air Guitar in Guitar hero.

Will this pave the way towards our dream of a Minority Report style UI ? Only time will tell.

Edit: We forgot to link to link back to the original story on Techflash the first time around. Sorry for the mistake!

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