Microsoft Releases 'Windows 8 Touch Guidance' for Developers

Pulkit Chandna

By including the touch-specific Metro UI alongside the traditional Windows desktop in its next desktop operating system, Microsoft is trying as hard as it has ever done to appeal to the tablet crowd. But its newfound enthusiasm for touch will not mean a lot if developers fail to respond just as enthusiastically. It’s important that developers deliver a consistent and easy-to-use experience across the Metro app ecosystem. To this end, Microsoft has just released a four-page PDF titled Windows 8 Touch Guidance for developers.

The above-mentioned document includes some basic advice and guidelines for developers on ensuring that their Metro style apps are easy to learn and use. It advises them on a number of different things, including the best ways of using gestures and the optimization of apps for different kinds of grips and postures. The software giant wants Metro style apps to “feel familiar to what users already know” from their experience with other touch-centric platforms. The four-page PDF document can be found here .

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