Microsoft Releases Hotfix for Recent Internet Explorer Speed Issues

Pulkit Chandna

Couple of recent security updates to blame

When a Microsoft exec revealed that company currently has no plans of porting Internet Explorer over to Android and iOS during a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, we were left scratching our heads as to why that might be. Here’s a possible explanation: It could be that the Internet Explorer team is too busy fixing IE for Windows to build entirely new versions of the browser.

No sooner had Microsoft finished patching 26 Internet Explorer vulnerabilities as part of its August Patch Tuesday update than it realized Internet Explorer was a tad slow as a result of all the recent patching and that the issue was serious enough to warrant an out-of-band fix.

“After you apply the MS14-037 (July 8, 2014) or MS14-051 (August 12, 2014) cumulative security update for Internet Explorer, web applications that implement consecutive modal dialog boxes may cause Internet Explorer to become slow and unresponsive over time. This issue occurs in Internet Explorer versions 7 through 11,” Microsoft wrote in it security advisory.

In case you’ve the security updates that are to blame for this issue, all you need to do is to download the appropriate hotfix file based on your operating system and browser combination from this link .

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