Microsoft Releases a New Round of Cringe Worthy Ads

Maximum PC Staff

Google Docs doesn’t work well without the net, so he’s taking it with him.

Microsoft spends countless millions each year on advertising, but the bizarre tone and style of the final product sometimes leaves us scratching our heads. We’ve compiled a list of 5 recent Microsoft marketing videos, and we want to know what you the reader make of them. The clips are hosted on YouTube (who graciously picks up the bandwidth bill on the Google attack ads), and believe me when we say the irony wasn’t lost on us.

Microsoft vs. Google Docs

The first ad focuses on a pair of hopeful gambles, and a start struck business guy fixated on the Google Docs table. He gambles his upcoming promotion (we aren’t even sure how that’s possible) on the off chance he could win a pair of keychain dice, and passes out when he loses.

The second ad portrays a 3 vs. 3 half court basketball game, where Google Docs embarrass himself over and over.

Windows 8 vs. The World

The only defense I can offer on these clips is that they were intended for international audiences, so perhaps some of the cultural nuances are lost on us.

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