Microsoft Recycling Old Gamertags

Paul Lilly

Microsoft is doing its part to clean up the virtual environment. As of yesterday, the Xbox 360 console maker has begun picking up old Gamertags that have been tossed aside and is recycling them, Xbox Live's Major Nelson announced in a blog post. That means if you've been wanting to use a Gamertag that was already snatched up but since abandoned, there's still hope it can be yours.

"This process will take some time to complete, and no we can't tell you when the Gamertag you want might be available," Major Nelson says. "If you are interested, you should check back regularly as we are reviving Gamertags daily."

To do so, you need to sign into Xbox Live and go to the My Xbox channel, select Change Gamertag , and then enter in the specific one you want. Changing your Gamertag does, however, come at a cost of 800 Microsoft points , so there's that to consider.

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