Microsoft Quietly Rolls Out Security Essentials 2.0

Paul Lilly

Kudos to reader Jeremy Gilbert for writing in to let us know that Microsoft recently released version 2.0 of its free Security Essentials antivirus program. It was actually made available last week, but slipped beneath our radar since Microsoft dropped it on the down-low.

We included MSE in last year's security software roundup, awarding the program an 8 verdict for its lean footprint and capable scan engine. According to How To Geek , version 2.0 includes a revamped heuristic scan engine, network traffic inspection to protect against network-based exploits, and tighter integration with Internet Explorer.

How well do the upgrades work? We haven't played around with MSE 2.0 yet, but you can bet we'll address the new features when we do.

MSE Homepage

Image Credit: Microsoft

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