Microsoft to Put Finishing Touches on Windows 8.1 in August

Paul Lilly

Windows 8.1 inches closer to release

There's no use twiddling your thumbs, biting your fingernails, or engaging in other habits you might have while anxiously waiting for a product release. Yes, Windows 8.1 is coming , but you probably won't see the final version before the end of summer, so go ahead and venture outside to catch some sunshine. According to Windows Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Tami Reller, Microsoft will finalize Windows 8.1 in August, at which time it will be made available to PC makers.

Reller revealed the time frame while speaking at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), The Verge reports . It's not clear when end users will be able to download the Windows 8.1 update, though with PC makers getting first dibs by the end of August, machines running the newest version of Windows will likely be available to purchase in time for the holiday shopping season.

One of the big features being introduced in Windows 8.1 is the return of the Start button, though the Start menu won't be tagging along. It will also bring about more tile sizes, better multitasking support, Internet Explorer 11, tethering support, and more.

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