Microsoft Pushes Xbox 720 Event to May 21

Paul Lilly

Multiple sources claim Microsoft will unveil its next Xbox console in May.

It was originally rumored Microsoft would let the cat out of the bag regarding its next generation Xbox console at an event on April 24th, but now multiple sources are saying it won't happen until a month later on May 21st. At that time, Microsoft will reveal initial details about its Xbox 720 hardware (codenamed "Durango"), and hopefully will finally clear the air about the always-on rumors that were a source of controversy last week.

Microsoft recently apologized for comments posted to Twitter by Adam Orth, a creative director at Microsoft Studios, who used a snarky tone to defend the concept of an always-on console. While the delivery of Orth's comments may have needed some work, his message may not necessarily prove inaccurate, as Microsoft has refused to squash ongoing rumors that its next console will require a persistent Internet connection.

An answer to that question may or may not come at the upcoming event. According to The Verge , Microsoft is still planning a full unveil later this year at E3. Either way, it's shaping up to be a interesting holiday shopping season. The PlayStation 4 will be available to purchase by the end of the year, and barring any surprises, so will Durango.

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