Microsoft Pulls Plug on $99 Xbox 360 Subscription Scheme

Pulkit Chandna

Deal was exclusive to North America

In 2012, taking a leaf out of the mobile phone carriers’ book, Microsoft began offering a 4GB Xbox 360 console, a Kinect motion sensing camera and an Xbox LIVE Gold membership for just $99 to those willing to commit themselves to a $15-per-month two-year contract . The company, it has now emerged, quietly pulled the plug on that experiment a while back.

The news was confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson in an interview given to the venerable Wall Street Journal. He told the paper that the company had scrubbed the subscription-based purchase option late last year .

Exclusive to North America, the subscription-based pricing model apparently failed to tug on the consumers’ purse strings as persuasively as Microsoft had initially thought. This should also explain why Microsoft hasn’t adopted a similar model for the Xbox One, despite the fact that there were persistent rumors to this effect in the lead up to eighth-gen console’s launch last year.

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