Microsoft Positioned to Make a Killing from Metro Apps in Windows 8

Paul Lilly

Microsoft intends to take a 30 percent cut of sales for apps developed for its touchy-feely Metro user interface in Windows 8, making it impossible not to draw comparisons with Apple's App Store business model. Apple makes a killing from user-developed apps by also helping themselves to nearly a third of all revenue, and Microsoft is setting itself up to similarly profit from Windows apps.

It was previously thought that Microsoft wouldn't dip into developers' pockets for Windows 8 apps, but after combing through the developer terms, the Windows Weekly podcast discovered otherwise, Electronista reports . The 30 percent cut apparently only applies to apps specifically written for Windows 8's Metro UI, not those intended to utilize the traditional desktop UI.

If that policy stands up, it could lead to some interesting things in the Windows 8 development community. Look for developers to be split in how they approach the situation, where some will try to make a profit by pushing out partially gimped apps for the regular desktop UI, while others will concede a 30 percent cut for versions that run natively on tablets.

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