Microsoft Outlook 2013 Shipping Free to Windows RT Tablets via Windows 8.1 Update

Paul Lilly

Will this make you consider a Windows RT tablet?

There's no need to wear a helmet when you walk down the Windows RT tablet aisle at your local Best Buy or Microsoft retail location, it's not as though the ARM-based devices are jumping off of store shelves. Might that change sometime in the future? Adding to the value proposition of owning a Windows RT slate and in an effort to boost demand, Microsoft announced that Outlook 2013 RT will be available on such devices as part of the free Windows 8.1 update that's coming later this year.

It doesn't matter whether you own a Microsoft Surface RT or a Windows RT tablet made by one of the company's hardware partners, you'll receive Outlook for free either way.

"We're always listening to our customers and one piece of feedback was that people want the power of Outlook on all their Windows PCs and tablets. In fact, a Morgan Stanley research study found that 61 percent of people shopping for tablets consider Microsoft Office to be the single most important software feature, Microsoft stated in a blog post . "We're pleased to have Outlook 2013 RT join the other best-in-class Office 2013 RT applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. And just like those applications, Outlook 2013 RT delivers a great touch experience for people using tablets."

Outlook 2013 introduces a cleaner, more streamlined look compared to previous versions. It supports inline replies, lets you see all your contacts in one place, has built-in support for Exchange ActiveSync, and more. As a standalone application, Microsoft sells Outlook 2013 for $110.

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