Microsoft Officially Kills The Windows Live Brand

Brad Chacos

Do you remember way back when Hotmail was just called, you know, Hotmail? Those were the days. Then Microsoft went on its whole "Windows Live" branding kick and swapped it over to "Windows Live Hotmail" to match the similarly renamed Windows Live Mail, Windows Live ID and Windows Live Photo Gallery, amongst others. Now, apparently, the folks in Redmond have realized how silly and superfluous the Windows Live sticker was; the company recently announced that the brand is being killed off in favor of more basic app names. Yes, Hotmail will be just Hotmail once again.

The move away from the Windows Live brand started long ago in Windows Phones, continued with the app names in Windows 8 Consumer Preview and was most recently visible when Windows Live Mesh was absorbed by the new and improved SkyDrive . Even Windows Live IDs are being wiped out and replaced by "Microsoft Accounts," as Windows 8 Consumer Preview users already know.

Here's a full list of the changes, as outlined on Microsoft's Building Windows 8 Blog .

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