Microsoft Offers Windows XP Users Free Access to Data Migration Tool

Paul Lilly

Free access to Laplink's PCmover Express as Windows XP's support deadline looms

Every indication up to this point suggests there will be no last second call by the governor to stop the execution of Windows XP, a dead OS walking. Well, sort of. Windows XP will still exist after its support deadline comes and goes next month, but it won't receive any additional security updates or be eligible for technical support. In an attempt to help the holdouts let go of the legacy OS, Microsoft has partnered with Laplink to offer Windows XP users free access to the latter's PCmover Express , a data migration tool.

PCmover Express for Windows XP copies files, music, videos, email, and user profiles and settings from old PCs to a new one running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. It's not an all-or-nothing affair, as users can customize exactly what they want to bring over to their new device, Microsoft says .

The migration tool will be made available to download in English later this week from, as well as French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish coming later in March. After that, it will be available in Korean, Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

As a reminder, support for Windows XP comes to an end on April 8, 2014.

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