Microsoft Not in Awe of Siri, Says We've Had Similar Tech for Over a Year

Pulkit Chandna

While its harsh to judge a device against the oft-outlandish rumors preceding its launch, the disappointment surrounding the iPhone 4S launch was justified as the upgrades did not seem commensurate with the long gap between the 4S and its predecessor. However, the smartphone’s voice-activated personal assistant Siri is an entirely different matter, with even Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently calling it a “significant development.” Microsoft’s Craig Mundie, though, is not in awe of Siri.

Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategic Officer is not willing to concede that Siri is a technological breakthrough, but views it as another instance of people being “infatuated” with Apple products.

"As a technological capability, you could argue that Microsoft has had a similar capability in Windows phones for more than a year,”  he told Forbes' Eric Savitz in a recent interview . That said, he admitted that Microsoft could learn a thing or two on the marketing front from Apple.

Anyways, the “similar capability” he was referring to happens to be TellMe, which was first introduced as a downloadable app for Windows Mobile in 2009. But the two technologies are hardly similar, as is clear from this video from TechAu's Jason Cartwright:

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