Microsoft No Longer Selling Windows 7 Family Pack


Microsoft is setting itself up to do one of two things this holiday shopping season. The Redmond software maker can either play the part of the Grinch, the one who's heart was two sizes too small, and stand firm on not selling any more three-license Windows 7 Family Packs, or it can emerge as the ultimate good guy and restock vendors' shelves, even though the promotion has always been "while supplies last."

As it stands right at this moment, the Windows 7 Family Pack is pretty much sold out everywhere. This includes both brick and mortar stores, as well as every online vendor you'd want to do business with. Do enough digging and you may find a smaller site still selling its little remaining stock for $270 or more, but that's a tough price to swallow when for the past 6 weeks you could pick up the package for $150.

So how could Microsoft let this happen in the middle of the holidays?

"The Windows 7 Family Pack was introduced as a limited time offer while supplies last in select geographies," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "Response has been very positive and in some cases, the offer has sold out. Customers interested in upgrading their PCs should purchase Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate upgrade products."

Anyone else suddenly feeling a chill?

While the sold out status has been garnering a lot of media attention, Microsoft hasn't officially said a peep about the Family Pack since Windows 7 launched in October. As Paul Thurrott over at Windows IT Pro suggests , "if you're upset that the company has strategically made this product unavailable just in time for the holidays, [perhaps] leaving some feedback on the Windows 7 Team Blog " might put the company in the holiday spirit.

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