Microsoft, Motorola Won't Rule Out Windows Phone 7 Pact

Pulkit Chandna

You'd normally expect two companies freshly locked in a legal battle to exchange barbs aplenty, but Microsoft and Motorola are only interested in trading friendly overtures at this stage. If you don't know already, MS recently sued Motorola for patent infringement related to the latter's Android phones.

This, however, did not deter Motorola co-Chief Executive Sanjay Jha from telling the Wall Street Journal that he was still open to collaboration between the two companies, even though he regretted the lawsuit.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Wednesday repaid the warmth in kind at a press conference organised by German industry association BitKOM. On being queried about the possibility of the two companies collaborating on phones running Windows Phone 7, Ballmer: “We are always exited to collaborate with anybody who wants to collaborate with us."

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