Microsoft Mobile Apps Store Offers Deals to Earlybird Developers


Microsoft has posted a "coming soon" message on its mobile application store (due to launch when Windows Mobile 6.5 launches later this year), but you can't have an application store without applications. Cnet's Ina Friend reports that Microsoft is offering some attractive deals for developers:

  • Regular price: $99/year, plus $99 per application submitted for the store
  • Special through the end of 2009: $99/year, plus the first five apps are free

Developers will get 70% of the cut from sales made through the store, an amount, Fried says, that matches the deal Apple's iPhone and iTouch store offers developers.

How soon can you register? This spring, and you can start submitting applications in the fall. To see what's currently available in the Windows Mobile marketplace, visit the Mobile2Market Windows Mobile Certified Catalog.

Are you developing for Windows Mobile, or looking for Windows Mobile apps? Hit Comment and tell us what you think about Microsoft's mobile app store plans.

Illustration courtesy Artistry of Branding .

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