Microsoft May Unveil Touch-Friendly Office 15 Suite on Monday

Paul Lilly

Microsoft let it be known at its Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) that Windows 8 is bound for general availability by the end of October and RTM (release to manufacturers) in August, but what about its next generation Office suite? Office 2013, the likely title for what's currently codenamed Office 15, is said to be prepped for an official unveiling by Redmond on Monday.

For whatever reason, Microsoft hasn't been as forthcoming about Office 2013 as it has been with Windows 8, keeping most of the details close to its vest. That's set to change on Monday, according to USA Today , which didn't say where its information is coming from.

While details are light, it's expected Office 2013 will be heavy on touch-friendly features, just like Windows 8. It's a safe bet it will integrate well with Microsoft's Surface, and there's also been talk of a version for the iPad, though the latter is a less likely scenario.

Assuming USA Today is sitting on solid information, we'll find out more after the weekend. It's also been rumored Microsoft will make available a Consumer Preview of Office 2013 later this month.

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