Microsoft May Start Using Lumia Brand on Tablets, 'Nokia by Microsoft' for Smartphones

Paul Lilly

The next generation of Surface tablets might get a name change to Lumia

After successfully acquiring Nokia's Devices and Services business (basically the company's mobile division) for around $7.2 billion, Microsoft's next task is to figure out how to juggle its different brands. The Redmond outfit might already have it figured out -- word on the web is that Microsoft is planning to market its smartphones as "Nokia by Microsoft" and use the Lumia brand for its tablets.

News of the brand strategy comes from Twitter user @evleaks , who it's worth pointing out is often correct about such things. According to @evleaks, Microsoft is in the final stages of licensing the Nokia brand. Previous reports about the takeover deal stated that Microsoft would be able to utilize the Nokia brand for 18 months.

Microsoft just recently used the Nokia brand to launch its first Android phone, the Nokia X2. Depending on what other Android plans Microsoft has, the company may want to be careful with its branding to prevent confusion between phones built on Google's platform and Windows Phone devices.

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